What's changing with pricing (temporarily)?

We're temporarily charging booking fees by time/minute only on ShiftRide. Prices will include the usual $3.00 base fee plus:

$0.12/min for Entry Level cars
for Mid-Range cars
for Premium cars
for Luxury cars

Again, no distance fee will be charged during this time until further notice. Tax is added on top of the booking fees laid out above.

Can I still get a price estimate?

Yes. In order to do so, put in the actual time but for the distance section, only put 1 km so that the calculator gives you the time-only estimate. This should reflect the amount you'll get charged based on your booking length.

How will this affect my usual short-term booking runs with ShiftRide?

We've carefully calculated the prices above to match the average trip on ShiftRide. The temporary pricing should have very little to no effect on how much you get billed compared to the usual trip you'd take with ShiftRide. Keep in mind, this will be based on your usage and how long you're usually out with a car. We recommend you use the price estimate in the app based on the answer above.

Will there be KM restrictions?

No, you can continue to drive as usual. However, we may bill you every 12-24 hours if you decide to take keep the car longer.

What about gas? Is it still included?

Yes, gas will still be included in the price as usual. You may continue using the fuel cards to gas up the cars. Or in cars where you can't find one, you may use your own method of payment and ask us for reimbursement.

How long will these prices be in effect for?

We expect the prices to return to the usual prices within the next 2-4 weeks.


Message us in the app and we'll be more than happy to answer.



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