The money you can earn from ShiftRide varies depending on your car's pricing (which you can manually set), your location, and other variables including current demands. 

Currently, the average car owner earns tends to be around $500 per month from sharing their car through ShiftRide in Kitchener/Waterloo.

You Earn 75% of the Booking Fees

When users go out with your car, they pay a fee based on time (in minute or a flat fee by the day). Here's the average breakdown (if we set the price for you):

Entry Level: $0.10/min

Mid-Range: $0.15/min

Premium: $0.25/min

Luxury: $0.40/min

Exotic: Depends on the car

To give you an idea of potential earnings, if users spend 75 hours a month, you can expect to earn anywhere from $450-$1,800/mo gross.

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