What's new with pricing?

We've made big changes to pricing to provide more affordable trips all around. 

Booking fees are now charged by the minute or a flat daily fee. Book for more than 10 hours and longer and pay a flat fee for a whole day (24 hours). Categories have been removed as each car now has its own price. Prices will include the following:

Trips shorter than 10 hours: car booking fee/min + $0.05/min insurance fees + $0.01/min service fee. Gas will be included on these trips in this price.

Trips 10 hour or longer: flat daily booking fee of the car (capped at 10 hours for every 24 hour cycle) + $30/day insurance fees + $6/day service fee. After 24 hours, you will be charged on the rates above for the remainder of your trip (by the minute) until the next daily flat fee rates apply. IMPORTANT: You're now responsible to pay for gas for trips 10 hours and longer (please refrain from using the fuel card for these trips and send us before and after photos of the fuel levels to show that you filled up the gas you used). Fees may be applied if this step is done wrong.

Tax is added on top of the booking fees laid out above. These prices don't include promotions.

Can I get a price estimate?

Yes, of course! In order to do so, please update the app to the latest version and put in the total time you are looking to book the car for. This should reflect the amount you'll get charged based on your booking length.

How will this affect my usual short-term booking runs with ShiftRide?

By removing base fees and allowing car owners to set their own pricing, we're enabling short term trips to become much more affordable.

Will there be KM restrictions?

Unless otherwise stated in the app for the specific car or communicated to you by us or the car owner, you can continue to drive as usual. However, we may bill you every 10 hours if you decide to take keep the car longer.

What about gas? Is it still included? (NEW)

Gas is now only included for trips shorter than 10 hours. For trips longer than that, you have to use your own payment method and out of pocket.


Message us in the app and we'll be more than happy to answer.



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