ShiftRide Select is not a lease, but is similar to one in some ways. Here's what a subscription includes and why we think it's way better than a lease:

  • No Long-Term Commitments

Leasing: usually require a commitment of minimum 24-60 months depending on how high or low your payments are. 

ShiftRide Select: you're only committing to a week-long subscription each time your subscription renews. This means you can cancel at any time.

  • No Down Payments or Credit Checks Required

Leasing: usually require a down payment and a credit score. 

ShiftRide Select: does not require any down payments or credit checks at all. We just take a $500 refundable deposit for safety.

  • Insurance Included

Leasing: you are still required to get your own insurance, which also typically requires a minimum of 1 year of commitment for the auto policy.

ShiftRide Select: your insurance is already paid for in the price and comes included.

  • Maintenance & Responsibilities 

Leasing: you require to perform your own maintenance including oil changes, winter tires, tire changes even though you don't own the vehicle.

ShiftRide Select: all of that is covered for you so you don't have to worry about the responsibilities that come with leasing/owning a car.

  • No shocking KM overage charges

Leasing: you can only pre-select a kilometre package at the time of getting into your lease, which almost always ends up being too little (which results in you paying a hefty overage fee at the end of your lease or too much (making your payments higher than you need it to be).

ShiftRide Select: you won't be surprised as we will bill your km overages (if you have any) each time your subscription renews. Most car owners also provide high km allowances, leaving you free to decide how you drive.

  • Swapping cars at any time 

Leasing: you are committing to one car and over time, you may easily get bored of that car.

ShiftRide Select: you can switch cars at any time. This means that you can drive a nice SUV during the summer when you want to travel with the family or maybe a nice Coupe during spring when you feel sporty. The possibilities are endless and we're working on adding more variety to our available fleet.

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