Here are a list of services looking for people to work, mostly as independent contractors / drivers.

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Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Package Delivery

How much can I earn working with these services?
Each of these services have a different payment structure. To give you an idea though, the average pay of a Driver (independent contractor) in Canada is about $20.34 (source: Indeed). 

This means that if you work 40-hour weeks, on average, you can expect to earn around $814/week or around $3,250/mo. Keep in mind again that this is an average and many factors are in play when working as an independent contractor such as demand, wait time between order/deliveries, etc.

Can I work for any other companies while subscribed to
Yes! You're not limited to just these services, but always be sure to double check the requirements for each service. Some may require that you can only use a vehicle registered in your name – but always check with that company to make sure.

Want to suggest a service to add to this list?
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