In Ontario, ShiftRide provides a separate insurance through Northbridge Insurance during every subscription period to ensure the safety of users, their passengers, and your car. Our insurance does not affect your own auto policy and includes:

  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: which includes physical damage to the vehicle as a result of an accident, theft, or weather damage up to the actual value of the car.

  • $2M for liability coverage: The coverage includes personal liability for the user, third-party liability for the passengers, and third-party property damage as a result of an accident.

  • Standard Accident Benefits.

  • Replacement cost for vehicles up to 4-years-old.

To read more about our insurance coverage, please visit Northbridge Insurance.

In the rare event that things go wrong during a booking, we will be able to make a claim and resolve things for you as fast as possible. Once your car passes our eligibility criteria, we will add it to our insurance.

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