This is completely up to you. As a car provider, we ask you for your weekly KM allowance and this will be displayed on your car page. When customers book, it will also be included in their confirmation email. You will also be asked for a reasonable KM overage fee, in case customers drive over the allowed limits.

What's the recommended weekly KM allowance?

The current average KM allowance is 850 km per week or about 3,400 km every 4 weeks. As a car provider, we allow you to decide what KM allowance is right for your car based on your pricing.

What happens if customers drive over the KM allowance?

When a customer drives over the set KM allowance, please send us photos from the pickup and return odometer (showing the current KMs on the car). Once we verify this, we will charge a reimbursement based on your KM overage fee.

If you don't have a KM Overage fee set, this would be your car's weekly price รท number of weekly KMs allowed.

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