Starting March 12, 2020: Removing License Fees

Based on your feedback, we're completely removing and covering the license verification fees for customers so you don't have to worry about paying. We will still require a verification and you will need to message us on the app, but we no longer require a license check fee from you. We'll still require a license verification fee for each additional driver you'd like to approve to drive on your trip.

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There are certain cases where we will require to charge a driver's license verification fee. This license fee goes towards performing a driving record check, to validate your eligibility for driving with ShiftRide.

This license fee would usually be charged when you change your driver’s license information in your account, every 12 months if you choose to return to ShiftRide and use the platform again, and after any accidents or violations that you may have obtained within each period of 12 months.

Please note that if your driving record does not satisfy our eligibility for booking with ShiftRide, this fee will still be placed on your account and is not refundable.

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