If the car has damages before you pick it up, please take clear photos of the damages, as well as the rest of the car. Please send these photos to us either via email to support@shiftride.com or via our online chat. This is a very important step in order to avoid being deemed responsible for the damages found.

What if the damages are significant?

If the damages are significant and you're not sure if you can drive the car in that condition, please let your car provider know and contact us via our online chat.

In that case, we'll verify your trip photos and check with your car provider. Then, we will issue a full refund for your cancellation. If we don't receive the trip photos at the time of pick up, or we can't verify your trip photos, or you choose to drive off with the car, cancellation fees will be charged as usual if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Please Note: You will be responsible for any unreported damages found before, during, or after your trip. Always send us and the car provider your trip photos as explained here.

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