We always encourage all car owners on ShiftRide to go the extra mile and do something special that makes the experience of the user who books their car exceptional. Exceptional bookings lead to more 5-star ratings which mean more users will know that your car is great and they should definitely book it without hesitation.

We recommend you get creative with this, but here are some suggestions:

The Basics

  • Keep your car clean: This is an obvious one and we can't stress this one enough! Be sure to remove any garbage from your car, make sure it's clean on the inside and out, and try to leave a good amount of room in the trunk. Also, keep your car smelling good.
  • Keep your car with a full tank of gas: We require that you make sure your car has a full tank of gas before sharing, so that users wouldn't need to gas up. 
  • Make sure everything works: We recommend you check up on your car and it's main features like the headlights, oil, brakes, etc and make sure it is safe and properly maintained. If we receive too many negative reviews - your car may temporarily be disabled until you show us proof that the issue has been fixed.

Everyone Appreciates an Owner Who Goes that 'Extra Mile'

  • Leave water in the car: Users really appreciate it when owners leave a bottle of two of water in the car in case they get thirsty.
  • Leave mint or gum in the car
  • Leave notes in the car to help guide users around your car (especially if it's tricky)
  • Leave an extra phone charger in your car (we can lend you one if you don't have one)
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