It's important to keep the condition of your car clean, both on the outside and inside. Not only does it give users a good impression, encouraging them to keep the car as clean, but it'll also give them one more reason to give your car a good rating.

Regular check up on the inside

We try to encourage users to keep cars clean on the inside, however, as part of having your car on ShiftRide, you might find an empty coffee cup or water bottle left in the car sometimes. We recommend you check up on your car and make sure its kept as clean as possible at least once every 24 hours. If there's a big mess in the car, however, please refer to this article.

We can help

As part of being a car owner with ShiftRide, you can get in touch with us to take care of this for you at a fee. For more info, please message us on the app, on or send an email to

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