First and foremost, take a deep breath and calm down. Then have yourself and the other vehicle(s) involved to pull over to a safe location. If anyone is injured, refer to this article instead. Once you do that proceed with the following procedures:

  1. Take down information from all parties involved (driver’s license, insurance information, license plate numbers, contact information).

  2. Take out your cell phone and take pictures of damages done to your car and the other vehicle(s) involved.

  3. With all of the collected information and pictures you have, message us through our online chat with your subscription information.

At this point, based on our Terms of Service, we’ll either charge the damage fees to you or file an insurance claim for the car provider, if necessary. Please note that if there is an insurance claim made, you are responsible for a $1,000 insurance deductible payment if you were at-fault.

If we need any further information from you, we will be in touch.

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