ShiftRide doesn't require you to meet users in person to transfer keys when they book. In your starter kit, you'll receive a secure lockbox that you can use to hold your keys in. If you have a second key, we recommend you leave that key in and keep your primary key with you for convenience. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know from how to use the lockbox and where to leave it when you want to share your car.

1. How do I unlock/lock it?

2. How do I set the passcode?

Please reset the passcode on your lockbox at least once every 24 hours after someone books your car for added safety. Watch this video to see how you can set a new passcode on your lockbox.

3. Where do I put the lockbox?

Find a place such as a bike rack, fences, or parking sign in your lot to lock the lockbox to. When you find a place, take a video of how users can find it and send it to

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