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This is a quick summary guide to explain how ShiftRide works and how we’ll get you started.

In a Nutshell

ShiftRide allows you to earn money by sharing your car with trusted drivers nearby who need cars for a quick errand or a few hours when you’re not using it. ShiftRide provides insurance with every booking.

ShiftRide’s Insurance Coverage

In order to ensure the safety and security of your car, drivers, and their passengers, we provide insurance, roadside assistance, and 24/7 support. This insurance coverage, provided by Northbridge Insurance is separate from yours, meaning ShiftRide will handle claims in the event that something goes wrong and your insurance will not be affected.

Driver Checks

Before we allow any driver to get behind the wheel, we ensure that they're eligible to join by performing a Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) check, verifying their credit card, and ensuring that they are a safe driver. Only trusted drivers become ShiftRide members and drive your car.

Getting You Started

It’s really easy to get started listing your car on ShiftRide, here’s how...

1. Tell us about your car and have us check eligibility

2. Receive your Starter Kit and provide information for the app

Once your car passes our eligibility, we'll then give you a starter kit that will include some things you'll need to have your car shared on ShiftRide. You'll be using the items in your starter kit in the next steps. At this point, we'll need you to add all the info we need to show users into the app by filling out this form.

3. Plugging in the Bouncie Tracker and attaching your lockbox (ONLY INCLUDED ON FULL-TIME CARS i.e. 24/7 SHARED CARS)

Included in your starter kit is a Bouncie tracking device that you plug in your car that measures usage, charges users, and includes security measures for your car. We’ll also provide you with a lockbox to securely store your keys while sharing so that you don't have to meet users to exchange keys.

4. We’ll set a price for your car or let you set your own

Our automatic pricing is based on your car’s value, make, model, and year. Users get charged by time in fees by the minutes or by the day. Car owners in can expect to earn anywhere from $480-$1,065/mo when sharing their car daily. Read more about how the pricing works.

5. Start Sharing

At this point, you're all set to share and earn money! Whenever you don’t need your car for maybe 3 hours or longer, simply log onto the online owner's app. We’ll then show your car to nearby users who are looking to book a car to go out.

Before you start sharing, make sure your car has a full tank of gas, remove any valuables you may have in the car, and attach the lockbox to your car or a nearby location to securely store your key.

Checklist after listing with ShiftRide

Here’s a small checklist we put together for you after you’ve started sharing with ShiftRide, most of which you're most likely already be doing while using your own car. We recommend you go through it at least every few days to keep your car in check on ShiftRide.

  • Check the condition of the car (any new damages) and report them immediately to ShiftRide.
  • Write down the number of km on your car (odometer).
  • Have the car available when it should be.
  • Have a clean car and regularly maintain it (inside & out).
  • Fill up the gas tank to full before sharing.
  • Leave keys in the lockbox before my schedule starts.
  • Optional but recommended: Impress renters (keep my car organized, leave water bottles in car, maybe mints, etc - going the extra mile ensures happy customers).

That’s It!

That’s pretty much all you need to know (in summary) to share your car. We do our best to make this guide better over time. So if there’s anything we forgot to cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment here.

Also, we recommend you search for your questions on help.shiftride.com

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there are any issues or questions you may have.

General Contact Email: support@shiftride.com

Reports for damages or issues with bookings: support@shiftride.com

Read more about ShiftRide: please visit us at www.shiftride.com

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