There is a lot you can do to increase the amount you earn through ShiftRide. Essentially it comes down to being reliable and providing a great service with your car, here's how:

  • Meet your own schedule (i.e. have the car available when it should be).

  • Have a clean, sanitized car and regularly maintain it (i.e. regular oil changes, proper headlights, no engine lights, regular car wash, etc) — in some cases not following this guideline could immediately invalidate your car for sharing until all problems have been resolved.

  • Impress customers. Make sure everything is in its proper place so users don’t have to look around a lot to find what they need. You can also give them an exceptional experience by following some of the ideas here.

  • Take good quality photos of your car, especially because all bookings take place online.

  • Keep your listing information and features up to date

  • Experiment with your weekly pricing to drive demand.

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