There is a lot you can do to increase the amount you earn through ShiftRide. Essentially it comes down to being reliable and providing a great service with your car, here's how:

  • Meet your own schedule (i.e. have the car available when it should be)
  • Have a clean car and regularly maintain it (i.e. regular oil changes, proper headlights, no engine lights, regular car wash, etc) — in some cases not following this guideline could immediately invalidate your car for sharing until all problems have been resolved.
  • Impress customers. Make sure everything is in its proper place so users don’t have to look around a lot to find what they need. You can also give them an exceptional experience by leaving things like water bottles and mints in the car (this is where you can get creative).
  • Have at least 1/2 tank of gas in your car before the start of your booking. Keep in mind that we reimburse you for the gas customers use when you get paid.

Most importantly! Add longer schedules making your car available for more. This will encourage users to pick your car over one with a longer schedule. And make sure your car is in a high-demand area. If you're not sure about your location, message us for assistance. We have parking spots we can offer you within our demand region.

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