We have a lot of interested car owners that sign-up on the ShiftRide app, only to realize sharing their car might not be for them, or they might not be able utilize the apps full potential financially. 

We hear you ShiftRide enthusiasts, and put together this article to help you identify if ShiftRide is for you or not.

ShiftRide Sign Up Checklist

Before determining if ShiftRide is for you, we should check to see if your car is eligible for ShiftRide. Here's our little checklist:

  • Is my car is less than 15 years old?
  • Has my car been driven less than 250,000 km?
  • If my car has been in use for four years or more, am I ready to pay and have a mechanical inspection (or safety) performed on the vehicle? If there is anything wrong with my car, am I ready to fix it before listing?
  • Am I in the same operating city as ShiftRide is operating in? (right now we're only in Waterloo).

Yes to all above, now what?

If your answer has been yes to all the questions above, then you have multiple options on how you'd like to earn with ShiftRide. Here are your options:

  1. Are you inside our operating region?
    If your car's parking location is within our operating region (highlighted in red in the map above), then you can share your car and expect good earnings! If you're within this region, ShiftRide is for you, and you should sign up ASAP!
  2. Are you outside this region?
    If you're outside this region, but still interested to share your car, we have an option for you. We call it Drop-Sharing. We provide you with a designated reserved parking spot where you can drop off your car at, either during peak demand times or on a longer-term basis (multiple days at a time). If you're interested to learn more, please reach out to us!
  3. Are you not near the city at all?
    If you're located outside our operating city you can still share your ride. We recommend you only do this if you have a second, or third car that you barely use, and can use Option 2 as a way to share on ShiftRide. Please ask us about this if you have any further questions.

Who will take care of my car?

Depending on how long you're sharing your car if you decide to share your car using Option 2 or 3 (for example days/weeks at a time or longer) we can assign your car to a Car Care Personnel. This employee will check up on your car and look after it for you. We will charge a 10% fee from your earnings to provide this service. If you choose to share using any of our formerly mentioned options, and have a friend or family member that will look after your car, then it is your responsibility.

Hope this article helps. If you still have questions or want to make sure, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can always email us or message us on shiftride.com or our app.

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