With ShiftRide, we're now allowing car owners to set their own hourly prices. Daily prices are fixed at 8 hour of the day (i.e. hourly price x 8 = daily price of car).

If you choose to have ShiftRide set your price automatically, we typically put your car in 1 of 4 different categories mainly based on the market value of your car, and in some cases, it's rarity or how luxury it is. These are the categories cars fall under. Different categories determine the price customer pay to drive your car.

  • Entry Level: Cars $15K or less in market value
  • Mid-Range: Cars ranging between $15K to $30K in market value.
  • Premium: Cars ranging between $30K to $50K in market value.
  • Luxury: Cars ranging $50K in market value or higher.

Message us on shiftride.com and we'll help determine the class of your car on ShiftRide and your earning potential.

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