NEW: All Trips Now Require You to Pay for Gas and Fill up to Full Before Return

Gas is your responsibility when going on a trip with ShiftRide, this helps us keep prices low and make the platform fair for everyone. At pick up and drop off: you will need to send us photos of the fuel levels to show that the car is full. Please pay for gas and put the correct type of gas in the vehicle before returning.

The app will ask you to send us photos of the car's fuel levels before and after the trip and it's super important to do this to avoid any extra fees charged. We no longer provide any reimbursements for gas.

Are you picking up a car with less than a full tank?

Report this to us right away by sending a photo of the fuel level and let us know that the car has less than a full tank. We'll calculate the missing fuel amount and send you a reimbursement. Note: you're still required to bring the car back with a full tank of gas with the right type before ending your trip. 

Read more on gassing up here.

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