At the beginning of your subscription, you will be required to pay a $500 refundable deposit. For cars with a weekly subscription fee of $250/week or more, the refundable deposit will be $1,000 instead. The refundable deposit is for security purposes and to ensure the car is returned in its original condition.

When will I receive a refund?

Your deposit will be held with us and will be refunded back to you in full after you've cancelled your subscriptions and have returned the car to the car provider. At that point, the car provider will have up to 48 hours to assess the condition of the car, and check the fuel and km levels. Once they confirm the status, we will refund the deposit right then.

Will I receive the full deposit back?

Yes, unless we need to deduct fees for damages, KM overages, missing fuel or other violations found under our Terms of Service. If these fees exceed your deposit amount, we may charge your method of payment for the remainder or send you an invoice for the balance.

Please be sure to take good care of the car and return it in the condition you received it in. Normal wear & tear is fine, but damages beyond that will be subject to repair fees.

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