Awesome! Great to hear you'd like to Subscribe with ShiftRide. Once you've selected a car from here. Here are the requirements for booking a subscription:

  1. Info Needed: full name, email, phone number, driver's license and photos to verify your license. We use this information to create your account and provide you with insurance.

  2. $25 Registration Fee: this is a one-time fee for us to set up your account and verify your driving eligibility.

  3. $500 Refundable Deposit (or $1,000 for certain cars): this is for the car provider's security and will be refunded at the end of your trip once the km, fuel levels, and car's condition is confirmed by the car provider.

  4. Weekly Payment: At least 24 hours before your pick up time and each week your subscription is renewing, we will charge the following week's booking and insurance fees for that car, plus HST (13%).

If you have any questions about these steps, please let us know.

To get started, please send us your full name, email, and phone number.

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