At least every 7 days, you are required to check in with your car provider (either online or in person) for a mandatory check up. Even if you're keeping the vehicle and continuing your subscription, this is a requirement.

Get in touch with your car provider to confirm how they'd like to take care of maintenance and check ups

If the car provider asks you: visit the location set by them for a quick check up. This will often be the same location you picked up the car up from. During this check up, car providers will review the condition of the vehicle, check distance driven, and help answer any questions or concerns you may have with your vehicle.

This is mandatory and depending on the schedule of your maintenance due, the car provider will let you know exactly when you need to stop by for oil changes and other maintenance requirements.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid taking the vehicle to any outside mechanical shops to perform maintenance. It's the job of the car provider to perform maintenance and repair work unless you have written permission from them that it is ok to do so.

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