When you Subscribe with ShiftRide, the car is required for a mandatory in-person or remote check-up every 7 days.

When you are doing a check-up for your car, or when you're done using the car and want to cancel your subscription or swap cars, the vehicle provider will complete the checklist below.

During this process, if any of the following fail the check, you will be responsible for fees applied based on the “Fees section” in our Terms of Service.

The Basics:

  • The car has been brought back with the same level of fuel as during pick up.

  • The vehicle has not been driven over the kilometre limit set on your subscription term. This KM limit can be found in your subscription email or the car details page for the car you're using.

  • No smoking has been done in the car and no pets have been brought inside the car (depending on the terms of your specific car).

Damages, Tickets & Toll Fees:

  • The vehicle does not have excess wear and tear. Excess wear and tear includes but is not limited to dents and scratches larger than 3 inches in diameter.

  • The vehicle has not been modified in any way, including but not limited to mechanical or physical modifications.

  • The vehicle has not seen any mechanical damage due to poor or improper driving patterns.

  • There are no outstanding parking tickets, toll route fees, speeding and/or red light camera tickets on the vehicle received during and/or as a result of your subscription.

Account Status & Additional Checks:

  • Your rating or driving eligibility has not fallen outside of the requirements set by ShiftRide and your vehicle provider.

  • Your account is in good standing and you do not have any outstanding balances to be paid.

  • Additional checks may be performed by the car owner depending on their requirements.

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