ShiftRide is currently using "Login with Facebook" as our only sign in method. This is to simplify the login process and help keep your account more secure. Sometimes, you may notice issues logging into ShiftRide with your Facebook account due to various reasons, here are some ways to troubleshoot this issue in case you try logging into ShiftRide and either the app crashes or keeps loading without any results:

The app is stuck loading my account after I hit "Login with Facebook"

This usually happens when there's some conflict in the account you're using, especially if you've logged into multiple Facebook accounts or have multiple accounts. To fix this issue, please try the following:

  1. Close the ShiftRide app.
  2. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to 
  3. Go to your Facebook Profile and log out of your account.
  4. When you're back to the login page, log back in.
  5. Open ShiftRide and try logging in again. Note: make sure to allow permissions if you see a page asking for permissions ShiftRide needs from your Facebook account. (We use this information to create an account for you on ShiftRide).

The app crashes when I hit "Login with Facebook"

This usually happens if you have a phone number associated with your Facebook account and no email address. Since Facebook sometimes gives you an option to skip adding an email address to your account but ShiftRide requires your Facebook email to create an account for you, this causes a crash. To fix this issue, please go to your Facebook Profile > Settings > Personal Information (under Account Settings). Once you're on this page, please set your email address where it says "email address", like so:

Once you do this, save your changes and log out of your facebook account on, close ShiftRide. Then log back into your facebook account on and try signing in again.

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