Sometimes, car owners who don't share their cars often, make their car available to be rented out by Request. This simply means an arrange in-advance booking. Sometimes, request cars may have requirements like minimum booking lengths that we'll let you know as soon as you request the car.

Cars coloured purple in the app are available only by Request.

You can book these cars by tapping on the car you'd like to request (ones in purple are available by request) and then tap REQUEST

Be sure to send your REQUEST ahead of time so there is enough time for the car owner to get in touch with us to accept or decline your booking request.

We send your request directly to the car owner and wait for their reply. Once they confirm the booking, you will be charged the full booking amount and an email with instructions on how to pick up the car will be sent to you shortly after. In some cases - you may need to meet the car owner in-person to transfer the keys (this will be included in the email).

Requests may be declined depending on availability or requirements.

It doesn't cost anything to create a request - however, sometimes depending on the car and timing of the request, owners may decline a request. This simply means they're either busy to rent out their car during that time or you might not meet their booking criteria (minimum number of hours to book the car, etc). 

When in doubt, just send us a message through the chat in the app and we'll get back to you.

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