All customers should take clear/sharp photos of all around the car, interior, fuel and mileage levels to note its condition, both when picking up a car and when dropping off the car.

We also highly recommend that you send these photos to us, through the chat in our app, website, or to right after taking them and here's why:

When things such as damages and scratches, missing fuel, km overages, and such are reported by other customers, the car owner or by us, we highly rely on photos sent by users to be able to verify these claims.

If there is a reported incident but you didn't send trip photos before pick up and at return, you will be charged for repair fees, the missing fuel, overage km fees, and more depending on the situation regardless of whether you have caused this or not. Please note: in certain cases, we may reject photos sent outside of your trip time.

This step is so important that we've also mentioned this twice in our app to make sure you follow this very important step:

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