In order to keep your account in good standing and ensure we can continue providing you access to your subscription, please ensure there are sufficient funds on your selected method of payment at least 24 hours before your subscription starts or renews.

If you need to pay at a different time of the day, please get in touch with us via our online chat and we will do our best to make this arrangement.

Declined Payments

If your payment is declined, we will allow up to 3 hours for you to arrange the payment or add a new payment method to use. After that, if we're still unable to charge your card, a $15 late payment fee will be applied.

Automatic Retries

Throughout your subscription, we will re-attempt to charge your selected method of payment for the subscription fees. If we're still unable to do so, a late payment fee of 20% of your outstanding balance + $25/day will be added to your bill until it's fully paid.

Automatic Retries

After multiple declines, we may cancel your subscription immediately and notify the car provider. This will have an impact on your future eligibility to use the service and your deposit will not be refunded.

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